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If you take a look at the history of gambling, you’ll realize one undeniable fact — it used to be a much simpler gaming experience. But the advent of increasingly complicated casino games has changed all of that. These days, with the many different strategies, tactics, and plans — gambling can look more like hard work than a pastime. But what if you just wanted to get back to the basics? For those looking for a relaxing gambling experience — online slot machines are a great choice!

Really there’s nothing among the many online casino games even remotely popular as slots. And there’s a reason for that — casino slots offer a much more streamlined kind of gameplay. Naturally, you’re still playing casino slots for real money, so the thrill of winning and losing is still intact. But one of the beauties of the game lies in its innate simplicity. In a game where player input is so minimal, you’re much less on edge than during a game of poker, or Blackjack. Though, quite naturally — you’re playing to win.

As you probably already know — there is no universal strategy that will help you achieve certain wins in slots. However, as with every other game — understanding it well is the key to bettering your odds. Which is why we’ve prepared a guide that should help any budding slots players increase their chances of winning great prizes!

Mobile Slots Are the Way to Go

These days, the number of people who actually go to a casino to play a slots game is ever smaller. Instead, most people opt for visiting online casinos. After all, playing slots was always something of a private affair; your interaction with other players is minimal. So, for those who love gambling as an occasional pastime — online slot games are the go-to option.

But the rise of smartphones in the past decade has made even sitting at your computer (to play online games) an obsolete experience. If you like dabbling in online gambling every now and again — why not take your games wherever you go? With mobile casinos, the world can be your casino floor. A quick Internet search will yield you literally thousands of slot games you can play on your mobile device; whenever you want!

Plus, before you decide to play slots for real money online — you can try some free mobile slots without spending a dime! If you ask us, you should definitely play for free before you deposit money into a mobile casino account. Check out a few free games first to see if the specific slots and casinos suit you. It’s always best to learn everything there is to know about slots before you start wagering real money.

Knowing is Winning

Mobile SlotsAs we’ve mentioned above, slot machines don’t have a particular strategy you can master to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. However, if you become familiar with the underlying mechanism of the game, your odds of winning valuable prizes are definitely better! With that in mind — just how do slots work?

Let’s say you were to play slots at a brick and mortar casino. You would be sitting in front of a relatively simple machine. You’ve got the old-school slots; you put money into the machine and retrieve winnings. Also, there is the stuff like sound speakers, a lever you’ll use to operate the slot (these days, it’s usually a keyboard), and most crucially — an RNG chip.

Right now, you must be wondering — what exactly is RNG? Think of all the other things that make up a slot as a crude shell, and the RNG as its very essence. That goes for both mobile slots and actual physical slot machines. But what does this acronym stand for? It’s simple enough — a Random Number Generator. And this tiny computer chip is there to determine whether you win or lose. The outcome of every spin on every slot machine is decided by this device. In physical slots, it’s an actual computer chip; while in mobile slots, it’s just a part of the software code.

The RNG in Mobile Slots

But what does it do, specifically? Well, it has one sole purpose — to constantly churn out an endless supply of random number sequences. And these contain the outcome of every one of your spins. Naturally, you must be wondering — how can you be certain that this RNG is doing its job properly? What if there’s a malfunction, or even worse — an intentional handicap for the player programmed by the casino?

While most gambling superstitions relate to actual slot machines — the world of online and mobile slots is not devoid of such things either. For example, you’ll find a lot of stories of players who think they’ve been wronged by an online casino. The game was rigged, they’d say, or the casino was hacked. In reality, you should know — such tales are mostly bogus. If you’re playing in a reputable casino, they have software providers who wouldn’t allow such things to happen. And there are companies whose sole job it is to verify the integrity of casino games. Among other things, these testing facilities make sure that all of the slots operate on proper RNGs.

Only Play in Reputable Establishments

So, at the end of the day — the RNG determines whether you’ve won or lost. And that’s the simple truth. When the player presses the button, the RNG stops on a specific random number sequence — and that’s all there is to it. But if everything is done automatically, the question is — can you actually do anything to win more often? Luckily for you, we’ve got some practical advice. As with any other industry where a lot of money changes hands; the world of mobile casinos is home to many fraudulent casinos. These aren’t proper places that can give you a pleasant gaming experience and a fair chance to win money. Instead, their sole purpose is to cheat you out of your money in various ways. Which is why we can’t stress this enough — make sure that you’re playing in a reputable online casino before making your first deposit.

But how can you be sure that your casino of choice is trustworthy? It’s simple enough — all it takes is some online research. If a casino doesn’t treat its players properly, you’ll find numerous online complaints regarding their behavior. There are many websites dedicated to reviewing casinos and checking player experiences. So, make use of them. Our advice focuses on a casinos’ payment policy. The best sign of a rogue casino are issues with withdrawals; that’s a definite red flag. And apart from the casino — you’ll want to do some research on the slots themselves.

Check the RTP of the Slot

The question is — what should you look out for when choosing which slot to play? Primarily, you want to check the RTP, or the ‘Return to Player’ percentage. But what is that, apart from an acronym that sounds like a Star Wars movie? It’s actually not that complicated. This is a percentage of all the wagered money that the slot will eventually pay back to players over time. Generally, you want to aim for a game that has an RTP of over 90%.

But understanding the concept of RTP is important. An RTP of 90% doesn’t mean that a player has such a high chance of winning, or that this is the percent of their wager they’ll probably get back. This is a long-term statistic — one that’s literally calculated across millions of spins. Still, choosing a slot with an RTP less than 90% means that you’re playing an incredibly unfair game. This stat doesn’t give you any information on your next spin — but it tells you if you should bother playing in the first place.

Learn About the Volatility

So you’ve found a reputable mobile casino, with slots that offer a decent RTP. Before you start trying to hit winning combinations, though, we’ve got some more advice. There’s one more crucial element of slots that you need to learn about!

Namely, you should learn about the volatility of the specific slot. Quite simply, this is a value that describes how frequently players win, and how big their winnings are. Playing a slot with high volatility means that you’ll win less often, but earn bigger prizes — and vice versa.

By now you must be wondering, should you choose a slot with high volatility, or low? When it comes to this, there’s really no universal truth. It all depends on your playstyle, and perhaps even more, on how much time and money you’re willing to spend playing. For those who are low on cash, and don’t want to play for long — a low volatility machine is definitely a better choice.

Making use of Bonuses

Now you know almost everything you need to play slots like a true pro. But there’s one final aspect of playing mobile slots that you have to learn about — the promotions and bonuses.

These days, you’ll find that the online casino industry is an extremely competitive one. The market is saturated with a great number of different companies, which means a fight for every single player to the bitter end. Luckily for you, this means that casinos are prepared to offer some extremely tantalizing bonuses — as long as you meet the wagering requirements. There are plenty of free spins bonuses, as well as sizable deposit bonuses for first-time casino members.

With this in mind, we recommend using as much of the casino’s bonus money for your slot gaming as possible. After all, why risk your own hard-earned cash? As long as you remember this and choose the best slot game using all the info we’ve taught you — there’s nothing stopping you from claiming massive prizes!

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